African Women Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Network (AWWASHNet)

    Women are the worst hit on the Water issue because they do more of the cooking and washing in the homes

    Join hundreds of Women to fight against Water Privatization and a steady clean water supply!

    Most People in Nigeria does not have access to clean water to Survive

    Most People in Nigeria struggle to get water for their families

    Most Homes in Nigeria lack adequate access to drinking water.

    No One should be Criminalized or fined for sourcing water from Lakes, Rivers, or an other Natural Resources!


    Our focus is to achieve Sustainable Development Goals on Water, Sanitation and Gender Equality.

    AWWASHNet was founded in 2015 by a Group of Women Activists and Women-Led Organizations interested in promoting women’s rights and increasing women’s visibility in the WASH sector in Africa.

    Our network aims to support struggles for Water Justice and Advocate for Policy Changes that strengthen women’s rights to water and sanitation. The network is a new leading women membership-driven network.

    We have an initial membership of 52 individuals representing organizations and groups of diverse women from 5 countries in West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone). The network is working to include women and women-led organizations throughout Africa over the next ten (10) years.

    Thematic Areas

    AWWASHNet’s work focuses on its three (3) thematic areas: Movement Building, Water Justice Advocacy, and Sanitation and Hygiene.

    Movement Building

    AWWASHNet emphasizes the importance of participation in and contribution to movement processes, actions and events within and outside Africa

    Water Justice Advocacy

    AWWASHNet specifically focuses on how women’s rights and access to water are affected by privatization policies, corporatization, and commodification of water

    Sanitation and Hygiene

    AWWASHNet’s focus will be to build the capacity of its members to carry out communication and hygiene promotion and community-led total sanitation in their various countries…

    We provide an Advocacy Platform for Women Activists and WASH Advocates around National, Regional and International

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    Blog and News

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    AWWASHNet calls for Public-Public Partnership in Water Administration

    AWWASHNET reaching out to People

    We will collaborate with regional and international organizations/networks to carry out advocacy and campaigns on regional and international processes like the African Water Week, African Sanitation Conference, the World Water Week, World Water Forum, UNFCCC, Financing for Development and other related gender and environmental/water justice advocacy issues.

    Membership is open to individuals, groups (including women’s’ organizations within organized labor) and women led organizations working independently of the state on WASH.